Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Maintaining weight-loss with personalized diet approach.

After decades of fads in dieting, tens of millions of Americans still come up empty-handed when it comes to finding success in their weight loss strategies. The latest nutritional research suggest an alternate approach to losing weight.

“Leading researchers finally agree, for instance, that exercise, while critical to good health, is not an especially reliable way to keep off body fat over the long term. And the overly simplistic arithmetic of calories in vs. calories out has given way to the more nuanced understanding that it's the composition of a person's diet--rather than how much of it they can burn off working out--that sustains weight loss.”

Instead of following trends in weight loss, these researchers agree that a personalized approach based on one’s food choices, lifestyle, and exercise is likely the most fruitful one when it comes to losing and maintaining weight.


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