Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Got a picky eater? Data shows parents are partly to blame.

New data findings: "Americans’ junk food habits start in toddler years. At age 1, we eat fries and brownies — but few veggies"

Although my toddler is not a very picky eater, I can see that if he had the choice between veggies and fruit, he'd pick fruit most of the time. People are wired to like sweet foods. But we just need to keep being persistent and offer the nutrient-dense veggies and meats! They'll come around eventually. Don't give up!
"Fulgoni emphasized that his goal is not to "shame parents with this information." One limitation of the study is that it's based on a caregiver's memory of what a child ate, and there could be gaps or information that's fuzzy. But he said he was surprised at how much not-so-good-for-you food they admitted to giving their charges."

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