Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Will eating red meat kill you?

Many vegetarians are convinced that meat is bad for us. Even people that do eat red meat are convinced it is bad for them but eat it anyway because they enjoy it. But just how true is the statement that red meat is bad for us? Why have we been so heavily brainwashed against red meat? 

Chris Kresser has a series of articles on this topic: 


Among many reasons he lists to not buy into this, the main two that always stick out to me:

1. Studies are often flawed, they are either done on mice who are vegetarian and cannot eat meat or other variables are involved, not just meat. For instance, when there was a study stating that processed meat is bad for us, it didn't consider other possible nutritional intake in people's diet, which could very much be comprised of a lot of junk food.  

 "Trouble is – as is so often the case – the study is deeply flawed. In fact, anyone with training in research methodology might find themselves wondering “where’s the beef?” after they read it. In the end it’s just another piece of worthless propaganda parading as medical research. It tells us a lot more about the biases and motives of the researchers, and the incompetence of the media reporting on it, than it does about the effect of red meat consumption on human health.Here are my “top 10” reasons to ignore this study and continue to eat your grass-fed, organic red meat:" 
Source: http://chriskresser.com/wheres-the-beef/  

 2. Media reports are flawed citing wrong conclusions, ignoring research findings or just copying selective parts from study to make headlines.  

I personally think that there's noting wrong with red or other meat from sustainably raised sources; I strongly believe that evolution supports this. I am not buying into the hype and prefer to be cautious about research findings reported in the media. What are your thoughts? 

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