Friday, May 13, 2016

Weight loss and maintenance

It seems like everyone is preoccupied with weight loss nowadays.
The overwhelming abundance of food and what seems like food, paired with modern sedentary lifestyle puts us in a constant struggle. As opposed to the survival struggle to get food, we are now in a struggle to avoid or resist food.

When you are on a diet or just trying to observe a healthy lifestyle you are constantly bombarded by temptations. It is really hard to ALWAYS avoid these temptations.

It seems like every single person has been on a diet or just lost weight without an official diet, or program. But unfortunately our outlook on keeping this weight off are stacked against us. 

Are we doomed you ask? The answer is "No!"

Every reliable book, expert and successful maintainer will tell you that the secret for succeeding in maintenance is figuring out your own eating lifestyle. For some it might include a certain amount of carbs, for others it might be more protein/fat. There is no one particular formula that applies to everyone. Some people can experience adverse reactions triggered by certain foods, even innocent foods like an apple for example. So it really depends on how much the individual is willing to commit their effort to figuring out what works best for them. 

In a recent article titled, "I'm an obesity doctor. I've seen long-term weight loss work. Here's how" the main take away is that to maintain weight loss successfully you really need to embrace the lifestyle that enables you to lose weight:
"The key to your success is actually liking the life and diet you're living with while you're losing weight." 
While we have seen first hand how effective it is to lose and keep weight off long term by following the Paleo template (which emphasizes the consumption of real, unprocessed food), it is really up to you to find what works for you that is enjoyable and maintainable.

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