Sunday, May 15, 2016

Enough with the sweetness!

Sugar and all other sweeteners (check out Dr. Robert Lustig's book "Sugar has 56 Names") has become a staple ingredient in our food chain. We don't even know where it's hiding. The worse offenders are dairy products. Everyone thinks that milk is good for us (we've been brainwashed by the dairy industry for decades) but if you look at the ingredients on all flavored dairy products you will see massive amount of sweeteners (especially in the low/non fat products) and food coloring. 

People say it's okay to let your kids eat something sweet just this once, but they don't realize that "just this once" happens every day in our society, and can account for a week's worth of sugar if not more. These people don't realize that they are not doing kids a favor but rather hurting them. 

I hope that Dr. Lustig succeeds in his mission and manages to get his message through to the general public, because our children's future and wellbeing depends on it.

This is exactly why I made the conscious decision to produce my grass-fed beef jerky sans sugar. Your taste buds are able to taste flavorful quality protein instead of something tainted with sugar. It's nice to be able to enjoy a satiating snack guilt-free.

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