Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Change in Nutrition Labels - a line for "added sugar"

"The Food and Drug Administration came out Friday with its new template for nutrition labels. One big change was the addition of a line for “added sugar,” to be placed below a line for total sugar. The change is designed to distinguish between sugars that are naturally occurring in a food — like the milk sugar in a plain yogurt — and the sugars that food manufacturers include later to boost flavors — like the “evaporated cane juice” in a Chobani Kids strawberry yogurt."
Source: "You’d Be Surprised at How Many Foods Contain Added Sugar"

While sugar is added to boost flavor, a lot of the time it also serves the purpose of a preservative - similarly to salt! Products made sans sugar are difficult to control and why I stick to making small batches with my jerky.

Large food companies are large for a reason, they make a lot of product that they can't risk losing due to a small mistake during production. And therefore prefer to use the necessary additives to keep batches consistent.

I'm definitely curious how consumers will respond to the new labels and if it will turn them on to sourcing more from smaller companies jumping hurdles to make a 'cleaner' product available.

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