Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step - Part 5 - having a support system

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No man is an island. It is nearly impossible to achieve anything without any help. When you decide to drop weight or start a business, nobody can do it for you but you can build a support system that will help you succeed. There are many types of help, encouragement, advice, educational material, technical, information, experience etc.

Life coaches are a great support system, but on any journey you embark, you will have to find the support system that works for you... whether it is a coach, consultant, family, friends, online forum or meet up groups. 

Going back to my friend from my first post in this series, she discovered an online support system for her weight loss. Once she became active on the weight loss forum, she discovered that many other people were facing the same challenges she was facing. She also discovered how others were dealing with these challenges. She learned new recipes. Just by venting and realizing she wasn't alone gave her tremendous support that helped her move forward. From this forum, she learned about the Paleo Diet and she made a whole lifestyle change from that point onward. 

So don't expect to do everything on your own. Build you support system and keep working on it throughout your journey. Every person or resource you encounter can provide invaluable support that will help you succeed. 

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