Friday, November 13, 2015

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step - Part 1

I often get asked "How do I get started?" Whether related to starting a business or making a diet change, the answer is still the same.

YOU TAKE A STEP, or as Nike puts it "Just Do It!"

Whenever we want to make a change or start something new, fear is often a factor. There are many unknowns. What should I do? How do I start?

From my experience, the answer is just do something. One of my friends has gained a lot of weight over the years. The reasons are not important. She chose a wholesome weight loss diet plan and followed it. One step at a time. She had 60 lbs to drop. They dropped off slowly. Sometimes 2 lbs a week, other times 4 lbs a week, and some weeks showed no progress at all. However, she stuck with the program and as weeks turned into months, these few pounds turned from 10 lbs into 20 lbs, then 30 lbs and more. After about 7 months, she dropped 60 lbs and loved looking in the mirror again. She felt great. She learned on her journey that overthinking was tiresome, stressful and discouraging.

I believe that what helped her was focusing on the present. One step/meal at a time, one day at a time.

The first card in the Tarot deck is The Fool card. When starting a journey we all want to get somewhere. We have fears. We don't know what awaits us. We don't know the hardship ahead of us. We might fear different things, but we must take one step at a time and navigate the terrain. There is no other way. Step by step.

The Fool 

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