Sunday, September 13, 2015

Whole 30 Day 9 - Having a 'blah" day

Hi all,
This is Rina. I have been working with Sophia for the past 6 months trying to spread the word about the wonderful Grass Fed Jerky Chews. I have been eating a pretty clean Paleo/Low Carb diet for the past few years, but still decided to jump right in and try the Whole 30. I'll be blogging daily about my experience for the next 30 days. 

I am not having a good day.

I am at home a lot. When I am home, I am not active and I keep thinking about food and often want to eat. The best weight loss for me has always been keeping busy.

Even though I have been keeping all my foods Whole30 compliant, wholesome and healthy, I am still eating too much. I am not losing weight, but I am not gaining either.

I think I am near that time of the month, bad mood and wanting to eat are my clues, if I get snappy and irritated it will be a really bad month....

I started the day off on a good note though.

Breakfast - I made hash using jicama and another one using zucchini.

Grated 1/2 jicama, salt, pepper and one egg in approximately 1tsp of ghee,
Grated one zucchini with 2 eggs and another tsp of ghee.

It was pretty good although next time I need more spices. It was a bit bland. 

Lunch - ground bison with kelp noodles and broccoli slaw (Nom Nom Paleo recipe) then I was still obsessing about food so I had leftover cabbage and 3 strips of anchovies.

In the afternoon, I munched a little ~ under 1oz of macadamia nuts.

Dinner - I had a can of tuna with 1 hard boiled egg, 1/2 tomato, 1/2 cucumber and tsp of homemade mayo. I am not hungry now although I would 'treat' myself to something.....but I won't. I will drink herbal tea and call it a night.

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