Friday, September 11, 2015

Whole 30 - Day 7 - Wanting to lose weight

Hi all,
This is Rina. I have been working with Sophia for the past 6 months trying to spread the word about the wonderful Grass Fed Jerky Chews. I have been eating a pretty clean Paleo/Low Carb diet for the past few years, but still decided to jump right in and try the Whole 30. I'll be blogging daily about my experience for the next 30 days. 

I am down 0.4 lbs today. I would really like to lose some weight while doing the Whole 30, and that's why I am staying away from fruit and the higher carb veggies.

I am very happy with my food choices (other than the fast food yesterday in SF mall).
I know I want and need to move more to get my metabolism going and appetite down. 

I am trying to track my food using MFP, but I am not consistent as I forget to log and I am not sure about measuring. So far I am getting 8% carbs (25g) 58% fat (78g) and 34% (103g) protein. 

It is really hard to tweak my food as I am not a disciplined person and do not log my food religiously. It is easy to log packaged food, but homemade recipes are more challenging. I need to enter them in the system first. 

Breakfast - 2 eggs, 2 Applegate Chicken Apple sausages, 2 ends of zucchini left from yesterday's spiralizing, 1/2 cup, cherry tomatoes, 1tsp BBQ sauce made in 1tsp ghee. 

Since I am out of food and need to cook for the week, I already defrosted chicken drumsticks. I pulled skin off and put them in the slow cooker in the morning with modified Nom Nom Paleo inspired spices. I put them in the slow cooker with 1/3 onion, salt, pepper, coriander, paprika and ginger. 2 tbs of my homemade BBQ sauce, 3 tbs coconut aminos, poured over chicken and on for 4.5 hours on low.

I will make baked cauliflower in the evening. Cut a head of cauliflower, lay on baking sheet with few unpeeled garlic cloves, some salt and extra virgin olive oil. Bake at 365 for 45 min. This is everyone's favorite recipe.  

Need to make another batch of BBQ sauce as I almost finished the batch I made last week. 

Dinner - One more day passed. I am not a great chef, nor am I super creative, so I had the same foods today as I had in the past 6 days.

Eggs. Zucchini. Mushrooms. Greens. Israeli salad, avocado, canned tuna and homemade mayo.

As you can see I keep it really simple. 

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