Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Whole 30 Day 19 - I am a creature of habit

Hi all,
This is Rina. I have been working with Sophia for the past 6 months trying to spread the word about the wonderful Grass Fed Jerky Chews. I have been eating a pretty clean Paleo/Low Carb diet for the past few years, but still decided to jump right in and try the Whole 30. I'll be blogging daily about my experience for the next 30 days.

Breakfast - 3 egg omelette for breakfast with a tomato cooked in ghee. 

Lunch - tuna salad, as I didn't have anything ready. It is a fast and easy option. 1 can of tuna in water, 1 hard boiled egg if I have one on hand, heart of palm, pickle, home made mayo (finally finished my first batch). 

I am still set on Pavlovian schedule and had some nuts in the afternoon. I am going to focus on changing this mentality. I think that perhaps my knee jerk mindset for snacking in the afternoon is keeping me in this state of having just something in the afternoon.  

Since I was eating much less fat and protein on Medifast (MF) meal planI am afraid that I got used to eating 6 times a day. Now that I eat more fat and protein, I don't need to eat anything between breakfast and lunch, I can't, I am so full after my eggs cooked in ghee and if I eat 1/2 avocado too that keeps me satiated for hours. Lunch is different for some reason. In my mind I have to have something between lunch and dinner, and many times after dinner.

MF mentality. I think that with lunch, I might not have enough fat and/or protein and perhaps I eat too fast. I will start to eat more slowly and see how that works for me.  I am also a creature of habit in the evening. My husband snacks a lot after dinner and it totally triggers me sometimes. I need to create new habits and be conscious. I will work on it and hope to change this habit.

As for dinner yesterday, I made sloppy joe from ground bison. I think I already posted this recipe but just in case you missed it:

I did not use Swerve or Stevia, instead I used about a tbs of organic unsweetened apple sauce. I also added Cacao Nibs. 

I ate it in lettuce leaves. Really tasty! 

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