Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Whole 30 Day 18 - Paleofication no thank you

Hi all,
This is Rina. I have been working with Sophia for the past 6 months trying to spread the word about the wonderful Grass Fed Jerky Chews. I have been eating a pretty clean Paleo/Low Carb diet for the past few years, but still decided to jump right in and try the Whole 30. I'll be blogging daily about my experience for the next 30 days.

Few months ago I realized that all the wonderful Paleo recipes are healthier than the flour ones, but they are all still problematic. At least for me. They might be working for all these wonderful bloggers like Elana's Pantry, Practical Paleo, The Paleo Mom, The Paleo Parents and so on. However, for me, a stay-at-home mom with little time and a family that doesn't want to give up grains and hates the smell of coconut oil, who doesn't exercise and prefers simple and fast food with as little cleaning as possible... cooking like this doesn't work.

I realized that seeing all these recipes in my inbox and FB feed just kept me in an unhealthy food centric mode.
I unsubscribed from ALL the blogs and FB feeds. I cook the same things anyway and enjoy them. I have a good variety and have no complaints. When I want something new, I go to these blogs and search for recipes. It works much better for me. 

Now I really want to figure out how to drop the 15-17 lbs I gained during all the foodification.
I think the key for me would be to get busy. I need to change my focus from food to life. 
I think I got the grip with food. I can and will live like this. No tiramisu is more important than sticking to my healthy weight and not having cravings. I do not need or want any sweets. I am not feeling deprived. I am happy with my Grass Fed Jerky Chews, Thank You!

I learned that I love many healthy foods, like almond butter for example, but I do not feel satisfied after eating just one or two tbs. I don't know how many I need to feel full, but why bother? I would rather chew the almonds. For me, almond butter is foodification. Why is it a Paleo food? Wouldn't our ancestors just eat almonds? It is also cheaper. Why work and make the butter? It's only needed for my kids who have braces or people who cannot chew/bite. 
So I am not going there any more. 

I came across this article/video today, a talk by Michael Pollan, and really got thinking about how important it is to make food myself. It is something I already knew, but just now it is a bit more clear.

As to my eating today, it has been again omelette for breakfast. For lunch, I was at a Bat Mizvah and took just a tbs of tuna salad, few slices of cucumber, few capers, blueberries and a strawberry. I came home a little hungry but not terribly and finished my sloppy joe. 

I have this new habit, it seems like after I finish my lunch I am not satisfied. I am not even sure if it is psychological or physical. I just want something more. Where does this emptiness come from? My guess is it comes from not eating enough real food. So I will just eat more meat. 

It is evening, I had a hard boiled egg and Applegate chicken sausage. I still want something to eat but not sure if I am hungry. Am fixing myself chai and will add coconut milk to end the day satisfied. 

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