Saturday, June 6, 2015

21DSD Day 6: Eating out

The weekend is here, which means we have places to be and people to see. Eating clean doesn't mean we can't be social. We just don't make it about the food and focus on enjoying the friendly company we're with instead. Opting for drinking water and giving booze a break. This sugar Detox wont last forever. It is just a reset, so we can be more conscious of the foods we eat and how they affect our wellness.

Our friends hired a Taco Man to cater their birthday celebration. Tasty food I could enjoy, just hold the tacos and certain toppings that are not 21DSD compliant. Here is my plate of just meat and lots of guac. I had several servings. I eat homemade meals 90% of the time, so it's a treat to eat out occasionally. Just making smart choices so I don't skip out on my healthy goals.

What I really love about Paleo is that you can customize it to your health goals and can be in control of the clean ingredients going into every meal. It takes getting used to, but after some time you get a hang of it and it simply becomes part of life. The above meal of protein, fat, and some carbs filled me up for a couple hours. I finished the night drinking tea and eating half of a green apple with melted coconut butter on top. Yum. All nutritional needs were met and my belly is feeling happy. Til next time! 

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