Tuesday, June 9, 2015

21DSD Day 9: Leftovers make a no-brainer meal

Today was all about leftovers mixed creatively because it was just too hot to cook! I had the following for almost every meal of the day:

Main dish was a big salad of CSA mixed greens and leftover chicken and grilled veggies dressed in Tessemae's Southwest Ranch. So good!

Also added a side of stew veggies (from this meal) reheated and blended to a perfect mash consistency.

I don't cook everyday and after 8 years of tweaking the Paleo template to my nutritional needs, I'm used to eating leftovers for any meal of the day. Just like pointed out in the 21DSD program, meals are satisfying when they include a combination of protein, carbs and fat. So simply eat real food, in whatever form that takes for you.

Great news for Diane (creator of the 21DSD) today. She showcased her first live TV appearance! In one clip she talks about the detox program and in the other about Paleo and quick food swaps to make the transition easier. Pretty cool stuff!

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