Thursday, June 4, 2015

21DSD Day 4: Bone Broth in Tea

Since the start of the 21DSD, I've been on a bone broth kick. I have swapped it for my usual piece of fruit I tend to reach for in the morning. I brew a fresh cup of herbal tea and dilute a few tablespoons of my homemade gelatinous broth. Touted for its health-promoting benefits due to high content of collagen, magnesium, calcium and other important nutrients critical for reducing inflammation and improving gut, joint, and skin health, no wonder why it's become the trendiest morning drink. I also find it quite satisfying.

You can search online for many ways to make it and I've even posted my variation many moons ago that to this date remains my most popular post. Hmm cool trend and hope it will stick around!

Mid-day I enjoyed some leftovers and coconut butter on homemade tostones. I did eat a green-tipped banana for a snack, after which I dozed off while my little guy napped. It was a much-needed rest after having been woken up by my human alarm at sunrise couple days in a row. Good thing my baby's circadian rhythm is looking good. :)

Dinner was quite colorful. Fried salmon cakes and skin (yum!), fresh green salad, roasted eggplant/tomato side. Continuing to focus on nutrient-dense foods to stay satiated throughout the day.  

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