Sunday, June 21, 2015

21DSD Day 21: Father's Day Fun

What a wonder Father's Day spent outside with family and good food. I even got a nap in that lasted just long enough to take the photo. My little guy woke up and wanted to wiggle out of his car seat immediately.

Even though it is technically the last day of the 21DSD, I still got to enjoy the day to the fullest. It also happened to be my husband's first Father's Day and I was all about gifting him a fun experience.

We went to an Off the Grid Picnic in the Presidio and nibbled on some tasty food cart meals. I tried to stick to options offering meats, veggies and safe starches. The chicken skewers and white rice I selected might not have been the purest and had some added sugar in the flavoring, but I find it okay eating a limited amount once in a while with no adverse effects. Hopefully I won't breakout on my face too much; I really enjoyed having clean skin on the detox and why I'd want to steer clear of overeating certain culprits like cow dairy, sugary chocolate, Paleo treats and some seasonal fruit.

Hope you got to do something fun on Father's Day! And if you'd like to win some clean beef jerky fuel, enter the Jerky Chews giveaway on my Facebook business page Sophia's Survival Food.

My full review of the 21-day sugar detox is coming next....

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