Wednesday, June 17, 2015

21DSD Day 17: No more room for sugar daily

By Day 17 of the 21DSD, I'm already feeling that life without sweets is the norm. Any time I find myself in a social setting and dessert is being served, I whip out a teaspoon of coconut butter melted over a sliced green apple, or eat couple teaspoons of the butter plain, or/and just sip on a cup of freshly brewed herbal tea. It's kind of cool to see your body adapting to the healthy fats, seasonal veggies and quality protein without leaving much room for highly palatable treats. Those shouldn't have a place in your daily consumption of food anyway.

I am thinking of continuing the Detox for as long as I can, and although I will allow myself some seasonal fruit or dark organic chocolate here and there, I will resist the temptation to eat a couple servings at a time. I used to be able to eat a small, but whole-size watermelon in one sitting. Hey it's fruit, so it's healthy, right? No. After a few bites, it's easy for carb and sugar cravings to get stirred up and before you've realized it, you've eaten the entire huge fruit, nut bar sweetened with fruit, or bag of Paleo cookies.

Just because these foods are made Paleo doesn't resolve a bad relationship with food that you may have or overcome cravings and food addictions. I feel that the 21DSD is amazing at helping your recognize where you stand with your relationship with sugar. I personally know if I've had too much of something good, I start feeling lethargic and bloated soon after consumption. It always seems worth it in the moment. However the aftermath usually makes you wish you could turn back time. Making sure my diet is well balanced with the right fats, protein, and carbs is the only way I am able to kick the sugar cravings.

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