Tuesday, June 16, 2015

21DSD Day 16: Salmon Cakes

While the world was celebrating the Warriors victory over Cleveland Cavaliers, I was putting my son to sleep and making sure I didn't burn my dinner. Remember the salmon I had prepared the day before? Well, I had some remaining, so I turned the leftovers into salmon cakes. Recipe is of Quick & Easy Salmon Cakes from Diane's Practical Paleo book. Get it, you wont be sorry!

Day 16 of the 21DSD was one of those running-out-of-the-house-in-a-hurry-to-make-a-meeting-on-time days. And there were two meeting total at different times of the day, so you could imagine how elevated by cortisol levels might have been.

Usually when I leave the house, I carry the car seat while grabbing the diaper bag and another computer bag with our lunch. Onlookers from the streets probably think I am packed for the long haul. Nope. Those are ALL my essentials, most importantly the baby. I don't have time for CrossFit outside of the few short bouts of exercises I do at home. I stay lean by simply eating lots of protein, fat, carbs, and looking funny carrying a baby and a bunch of bags. :)

I am also the one carrying the shipments of Jerky Chews to the post office from my car. It might not be the prettiest picture when there is a baby attached to me in a carrier, but I make it work. Anyone who says women shouldn't lift more than 3 lb weights probably also thinks women shouldn't have babies. My baby was already weighing close to 8 lbs at birth. Lifting is awesome for your health when done with proper form. I look forward to one day returning to yoga and weight lifting classes, but for now I'll stick to lifting my essentials. :)

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