Monday, June 15, 2015

21DSD Day 15: Easy salmon to the rescue

Just as I had finished my lunch of wild salmon dressed in heaps of ghee, few spices, and a side of starches, I saw a similar meal posted on facebook from Liz Wolfe (aka Real Food Liz), one of my favorite witty real food bloggers. The only difference is that she chose rice for her safe starch and I picked tostones since I've decided to stay off grains for the 21DSD.

I have to agree with her, baked salmon is hands down the easiest meal to prepare. I'm also a SAHM trying to balance family and business, so nutritious meals made simple are my #1 go-tos.

Simply season salmon with your favorite spices -- I tend to stick to the basics: salt and pepper. Add some citrus and a glob of butter and you're done! The only thing to keep in mind is to not overcook it. Remember to turn on that timer! 12-13 minutes on high temp seems to yield the best tasting salmon.

My other go-to meal is homemade mayo with canned wild salmon/tuna. I dress most meals with cucumber/tomato or a side of kraut; fresh salad just does't stay crispy around here for long unless we eat it all in one sitting, which we rarely do. We prefer meats to lots of veggies.

What have been your go-to meals that are fast to make, yet packed with lots of nutrients?

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