Friday, June 12, 2015

21DSD Day 12: National Jerky Day

Day 12 of the 21DSD happened to fall on National Jerky Day, read our summery of the history here. I didn't even know such day existed until my assistant Rina pointed it out to me. Since I own a beef jerky company, it was only natural to throw a GIVEAWAY for you and a friend, who will each receive --3 flavors of Jerky Chews + Real Salt shaker! If you're on Instagram or Facebook, it's still not too late to enter! Winners will be selected and announced on Monday, June 15. I run such giveaways rarely due to a small inventory that sells out quickly, so you should definitely take advantage before it's too late!

Tonight, my parents invited us for dinner and made mouth-watering grilled lamb. Probably one of my favorite meats. My dad has this amazing, simple marinade for it that makes a huge difference in punching of the flavor. I will make sure to ask for the recipe and hopefully share it with his permission. This picture just doesn't do the taste justice.

Are you grill ready for the summer season? Do you have your stock of grass-fed and pasture-raised meats? If you're in California, my favorite sources are: Brandon Natural Beef, Open Space Meats, and Rockside Ranch

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