Friday, June 12, 2015

21DSD Day 11: The Paleofying trap

Day 11 of the 21DSD is marking the half way point of something really good for me, I'm noticing my skin clearing up. The skin on my face has always been my trouble area that even on the standard Paleo diet it has not cleared completely. By doing the Detox, I realized that I have to tweak the Paleo diet further and eliminate sugar in even natural fruit to prevent breakouts. Also the very dark chocolate that I usually have with tea end of the night can cause it. I don't think I'll give up those completely, but definitely will keep better tabs on my sugar consumption.

If you haven't already noticed or been bombarded with pictures of my food ;), I am all for keeping my meals very simple, packed with meats and veggies. Haven't made any 21DSD friendly cookies or even bought a bag of nuts. I learned early in my Paleo journey that "paleofying" very palatable high-calorie foods like cookies with nut flours can be bad for health (in my case, make me bloated). Yes, cookies made with coconut, almond, or some other nut/seed flour are much more nutrient-dense, but even a Paleo cookie is still a cookie that (if you're seeking deeper healing) should be enjoyed sparingly to really reap the benefits of such diet.

My lunch today wasn't homemade, but it was absolutely delicious and simple. You can still find something pre-packaged that's packed with nutrients, such as this satisfying sashimi plate.

Couple hours later, followed "everything but the kitchen sink" dinner of roasted veggies and grass-fed sausage. Farmhouse Kraut on the side. This is how we really eat, hashtag coined by Diane herself. :) 

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