Monday, June 1, 2015

21DSD Day 1: On-the-go

Simple meal and snacks prepped for day 1 of 21DSD
Today we are starting Day 1 of the The 21-Day Sugar Detox (21DSD) by Diane Sanfilippo. You can get the guide and cookbook on Amazon and it's never too late to start! Come join us! There is a huge community of support you can find out all about here.

My husband and I first tried and successfully completed the detox after our honeymoon a year and a half ago. Unfortunately, I wasn't all that successful documenting my experience. I wrote just a few posts you can read about below and under this tab. Hopefully I'll actually stick to posting for 21 days this time.

The only difference between doing the detox then and now is that this time we are also joined by our 7-month-old son J. He just started eating a variety of veggies and meats, but since his taste buds haven't been tampered with much sugar yet and he is only a baby, don't worry about me restricting his real food intake. :) J's diet will include fruit and I will do my best to resist finishing it. Bye-bye super ripe bananas. I should mention that I've been following a Paleo template for almost 8 years and for the most part our diets have been comprised of real food. This Detox is just to help limit the intake of chocolate, fruit, and other sweets made from whole foods that we tend to enjoy a little too often.

Although I will part ways with ripe fruit (you are allowed a green apple or green-tipped banana), I probably wont limit starches like green plantains and sweet potatoes as I am breastfeeding. I find that I really need the carbs!

Todays is turning out to be a busy day. After completing orders and other biz related stuff, my son and I will head to Books Inc tonight to support awesome Paleo bloggers and book authors you might have heard of: Diana Rodgers of Sustainable Dish and Michelle Tam of Nom Nom Paleo fame. I'm planing to be there with some giveaways of Grass Fed Jerky Chews and you should come if you are local. Find event details here.

Since I will be on the go for most of the day, I will be armed with Jerky Chews, lunch of baked sweet potato/cauliflower mix and beef/turkey sliders, coconut butter for when those sugar cravings hit, and Farmhouse Kraut (not pictured). This is a great combo of grass-fed protein, nutrient-dense carbs, healthy fats, and fermented veggies. My son will also enjoy veggies and ground beef/turkey meatballs cooked in nutritious chicken broth. Whatever he doesn't finish, I will eat. Dinner is most likely wild salmon with salad and some serving of veggies. Keeping it simple is the way to go!

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