Thursday, May 28, 2015

Affordable Fast Food That's Good for You

We all know most fast-food restaurants are serving processed foods that are made from non-organic and unsustainable sources; animals that are not humanely raised. In addition, the processed food provides hardly any nutrients, treated with preservatives like sugar and harmful additives. On top of all that, it is pre-made, frozen and distributed.

Few days ago, I stumbled on an article about a fast-food restaurant idea that really touches on everything that we at Sophia’s Survival Food are passionate about: providing a convenient quality product while supporting local businesses and sustainable practices.

“In a nutshell, Thryve will serve only "grass-fed," "free-range," and "wild-caught" meats. They will deal only with local farms for vegetation and plants, incorporating many varieties and colors of plant species into their dishes -- providing a broader range of nutrients and flavors than typically available in what we know as fast food.”

I was very excited about this concept and went online to find their information.
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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Eating Healthy while Traveling

With summer break almost here, everybody around me are talking about their summer travel plans. When you are passionate about nutrition and what you put in your body, you do your best to be prepared. It is a very wise action to pack ahead before embarking on any journey. Every explorer must have food and water.

While it is very easy to stock up on gluten free and Paleo brand snacks, they are mostly made of some kind of nuts, nut flour, natural sweeteners, and dried fruit. The problem with these snacks is they have an ingredient list that in my opinion is not truly Paleo. Yes, they are much better than a highly processed Snickers/Granola/Protein bar, but if we really want to stay true to the core Paleo lifestyle we should aim for the most natural fuel sources.

I believe that Beef Jerky is the ultimate snack (and sometimes can even replace a meal, some people tell me) for those of us who wish to keep to a clean Primal/Paleo lifestyle and/or have food sensitivities. My Grass Fed Jerky Chews are the perfect choice and are actually almost the only ones on the market that do not have any added fillers and sweeteners. Some natural jerky has added fruit while I only have one flavor which includes very little of California raisin puree, not made from concentrate. The list of ingredients is very short, just grass fed beef and 2-5 spices.

Over the past few years, I have received many positive reviews from bloggers and leaders in Paleo community as well as nutritionists.

We have few more reviews in the works, so please stay tuned.

Here are some of the reviews published so far:

The World's Best Beef Jerky

Grass Fed Jerky Chews - Amazing Paleo Snack! 

Maria Emmerich of Keto Adapted gives it a thumbs up!

Recommended in Diane Sanfilippo's New York Times Bestsellers: "Practical Paleo" and "The 21-Day Sugar Detox."

Mentioned in Going Against GMOs: The Fast-Growing Movement to Avoid Unnatural Genetically Modified "Foods" to Take Back Our Food and Health