Sunday, April 5, 2015

Political Beef

I have been making and selling high quality, clean in ingredients, minimally processed grass-fed beef jerky for a couple years now and it has been a challenge from the start to find a source of high quality but yet reasonably priced US grown, grass fed beef.

In the past month, I have seen more news about government guidelines for meat consumption and the meat industry fighting these guidelines.

“Political beefs over the guidelines have been growing on Capitol Hill, with the cattle and agriculture industries arguing that an environmental agenda has no place in a government blueprint for healthier living.”

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While the government doesn’t distinguish between sources of protein and accepts non-meat sources such as tofu and soy, the Paleo movement is staying away from these proteins with the simple viewpoint that they are highly processed and problematic for health.

It looks like in 2015 there will be more news and discoveries about nutrition, and I truly hope that the meat industry can make a dent in government guidelines.

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