Monday, November 25, 2013

HUGE Thank you! 20% OFF Special Thru Nov. 30th

Sometimes, I have to check my LinkedIn account to remind myself of how many years I've been in business producing Jerky Chews. It tells me just a little over 3 years. That first year I was actually making the jerky and printing the packaging at home on my own, and a lot of my first customers continue to show support for the product three years later.

After a year in business, I partnered with a family-owned USDA jerky facility where my recipes are hand-crafted and packaged by a small production team. Every few weeks small batches are produced, so you can enjoy a fresh and pure jerky product made from 100% grass-fed beef. I have stuck to my mission to only source grass-fed meat from US ranchers, because besides the meat being fresh and nutritious, we are keeping a sustainable environment and local economy alive via Jerky Chews!

Believe it or not, I am grateful for the heartaches and obstacles that come with running a small business all on my own (of course, I wouldn't be doing this without the amazing support from family and friends). I've learned so much and continue to grow as a health-actualizing entrepreneur. Your feedback and continued loyalty is what's been hugely fulfilling and helpful in making progress these three years.

My customers range from strict autoimmune protocol eaters to avid grass-fed enthusiasts, and athletes to teething babies (turns out, sugar/gluten/soy-free jerky works great for massaging their gums). Not to mention that a plethora of corporate offices are starting to stock the Chews for their hard-working and well deserving of a nutrient-dense snack employees.

As we are approaching Thanksgiving, it is only fitting to extend my gratitude with a 20% discount on ALL flavors and sizes of Jerky Chews. It's a limited offer that ends November 30th. Remember, Sophia's Survival Food is still a small business, working on providing quality and customer satisfaction. Now go stock up before I change my mind! :)


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    1. Perfect timing since I rarely do the sales :) I have lots of Spicy and Mild, too. Thank you!