Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fitness Exposition

I'm Jonathan and interning at Sophia's Survival Food. Here's my brief blog post about the Fitness Exposition we checked out end of June.

This year's northern California Fitness Exposition was held at the Santa Clara Convention Center and featured everything from sandwich vendors to parkour to professional bodybuilding competitions.
Crossfit athlete competes in a relay.
Upon first entry into the facility, we were amazed by the overwhelming number of fit individuals. However, no competitions were anywhere near the entrance. Instead, lining the entrance were booths and vendors distributing items such as protein shakes and green-colored substances supposedly designed to help build muscle.
Once we moved past the vending area, we saw the first highlight of the convention: cross-fit athletes competing in a relay that required both physical and cardiovascular strength. In another area, competitions continued as enormous bodybuilders performed their maximum number of power-cleans using a bar that was around 400 #s.
On the other side of the convention, a different type of bodybuilders attempted to perform a single back squat with a 940 pound bar lying on the back of their shoulders. After watching a man almost drop the bar on himself, we moved on to watch children and adolescents do parkour and jujitsu.

Young girls practice jujitsu in front of a crowd. 
After about an hour of watching the convention move along, we decided to hand out a few bags of grass-fed beef jerky. Both the cross-fit organizer and the law enforcement booth gladly accepted the samples of jerky.
Overall, the convention was entertaining and productive for both of us as we compared the healthiness of clean, natural beef jerky to the chemical-filled food that was distributed at the convention.

Friday, July 12, 2013

History of Beef Jerky

I'm Jonathan and interning at Sophia's Survival Food. Here's my brief blog post about beef jerky's history.

Beef jerky has evolved considerably from its small-scale manufacturing to its production all across the world. Far before artificial preservatives even existed, some of the earliest humans discovered that sun drying and salting different types of meat preserves it from rotting or decaying. 

Native Americans, along with early American settlers, also discovered how to preserve meat with ingredients found in nature.

Once the rapid colonization of the Americas began, hoards of Spanish settlers arrived and discovered the uniqueness of the taste of beef jerky. They named the product "Charqui"; adding an accent leads to "jerky."
Since then, beef jerky has served different kinds of people including soldiers, travelers, and sailors. Beef jerky provides the crucial protein that all of these occupations require.
About 500 years after the colonization of the Americas, beef jerky has gone down a far different road than when it first originated. The once all natural product, is now filled with heaps of preservatives designed to maintain a shelf-life of one-to-two years. Beef jerky was not meant to sit in an open container waiting to be eaten for months, if not years.
However, despite the rampant use of preservatives in beef jerky, Sophia's Survival Food strives to return jerky to its original condition by limiting preservatives to natural ingredients such as salt and through the utilization of grass-fed beef.
Today, the direction of beef jerky is divided between one that uses extensive preservatives and Sophia's Survival Food which utilizes all-natural ingredients. Ultimately, Sophia's Survival Food hopes to return beef jerky to the Native American method of preparation.
For more information check out: http://foodtimeline.org/foodmeats.html#jerky

Some temporary developments over at Sophia's Survival Food!

It's summertime and the kids are out of school; so when one motivated teen came knocking on my door with desire to lend a hand at Sophia's Survival Food, I jumped in happiness with open arms to offer a Teen Writer/Marketer internship.

Who is this charming teen?

My name is Jonathan Friedland and I am an incoming junior at Los Gatos High School.


In my spare time, I love to play sports including: hockey, mountain biking, and skiing.

Vegetable of choice:



My inspiration in life is a general desire to help people in life.

Jonathan will be helping out with processing orders and shipping. He will also put his incredible writing skills to use by taking over this blog. Here he will spread the word about real grass-fed jerky and health/wellness in general. Jonathan’s help will greatly speed things up around here and allow us time to volunteer, attend local health events, explore the farmers markets, and prepare/develop recipes we can share with you.