Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Feedback Matters

If you’ve purchased Grass Fed Jerky Chews from me more than once, there is a chance you’ve received a handwritten note from me stating my appreciation for your order and continued support. There is even a chance you might have also gotten a Real Salt shaker that my generous partners have sent for me to share with my customers.

The little touches that I add to the already-placed orders is my way of communicating with my customers. Afterall, my business is fairly new and much of it is managed and operated (shipping & handling) by only me. There are days I am so busy I don’t get to partake in any social interaction during the day. These couple of weeks I’ve been preparing for my first ever Market and for you local SF Bay Area customers it’s an order to attend! Thank goodness for family and friends to keep me sane at night after “business hours,” I don’t even know if there is such a thing in a life of an Entrepreneur? :)

And of course, thanks to my customers for going out of your way to email with any questions, suggestions, and absolutely awesome encouraging feedback. You don’t really know how good or bad of a job you are doing until you actually hear from people who are consuming the product you’re working so hard to make available.

So you can imagine how excited I get when I see an email from you! Just recently one satisfied customer wrote with such touching feedback that I really wanted to share with you:

My 2.5-yr-old son (along with my wife and me) continue to really enjoy your quality chews. I take them with me on business trips, we eat them daily at home, and we have started cooking more and more with them because we cannot otherwise get quality, grass-fed beef where we live. My son also likes to have jerky chews cut into little strips and mixed in with his food. "Beef Jerky" was one of the first 10-20 phrases that he learned to say.”

The part where “‘beef jerky’ was one of the first 10 - 20 phrases” this child learned is WOW! Thank you to parents who work so hard to source high quality foods for your children. I am that much more encouraged to continue in my mission to make quality snacks that are so versatile (yes, you can cook with my beef jerky) more accessible!

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