Friday, July 20, 2012

1st Anniversary - Brandon Natural Beef and Real Salt Giveaway!

The winner for this Giveaway has been chosen! Thank you to those who participated! We now have great ground beef and steak recipes to choose from. Please feel free to check out our partner Brandon Natural Beef for some of the best 100% grass-fed and finished beef !

It’s been ONE YEAR since I took the daring step and moved my jerky production to a family-owned USDA jerky making facility, and it’s been a WILD ride of incredible reviews, shout-outs, partnerships, and personal growth. Most importantly, support from customers has been phenomenal. Your feedback and requests have led to product improvements and inspired new developments that are still to come.

As you probably already know, from the very beginning, I’ve been committed to being a good steward of the environment (blame it on the side effect of eating real food/paleo for many years) - which is why I’m devoted to using 100% grass-fed and finished beef from small grass-ranchers in addition to quality spices, while supporting US-based businesses. If you haven’t already, you can view the video about my philosophy and jerky making process here. No matter the challenges, I’ve stuck to creating a traditional, nutrient-dense snack that anyone can feel good about eating.

Looking at it now, I can say there's nothing better than providing access to a clean ingredient snack and hearing back from people who loved it. Actually, indulging in my grandmother’s homemade aspic dish comes close - Yum!

To celebrate this, I’m teaming up with my partners who are behind the top-notch ingredients that are used for the making of Jerky Chews: 

Brandon Natural Beef and Real Salt have generously agreed to donate absolutely AMAZING prizes! 

Brandon Natural Beef is run by Bob and Lisa, together as a family, they market flavorful 100% grass-fed and finished beef to folks who live in SF Bay Area - and if you’re in the area make sure to connect with them as deliveries are made for free. 
They source the beef from a grass rancher in Colorado who raises the cattle on mountain pastures where they are free to graze all day like nature intended. After hearing from lovely Michelle of Nom Nom Paleo about Brandon Natural Beef a couple months ago, I quickly phoned them to try the beef for myself - she’s right - absolutely delish! Not long after, we partnered so more of you can enjoy their beef in the form of Jerky Chews.

Another critical ingredient used in the recipe of Jerky Chews is unrefined mineral rich sea salt from my FAVORITE brand - Real Salt. The salt is packed with natural trace minerals that are pink in color and found in the ancient salt deposit near Redmond, Utah. 
But why I absolutely love this particular brand is because it makes a huge difference in punching of the flavors of foods, far more than refined sea salt, kosher salt, or regular table salt. And it doesn't hurt that it's also nutritious - as highlighted in the recent posts by Chris Kresser.

Now, what’s this GIVEAWAY comprised of?
And guess what? There are a total of 2 winners that get double of the good stuff! That's like more than $100 worth of goodies! You can thank me here for covering the shipping cost of the boxes because I really really want you to try the products! The giveaway is only advertised through my Facebook page and twitter and website, so feel free to share with anyone you know who might be interested. C'mon, it's 100% grass-fed beef and real salt - crazy to think that someone wouldn't be :P

To Enter:

1. Like Brandon Natural Beef Facebook page
2. Like Real Salt Facebook page
3. Leave a comment here on my blog letting me know that you did that AND how you plan to prepare the meat this summer, if you leave out Real Salt in the will not get picked! Kidding. But seriously why wouldn't you use the two together?
4. And, last but not least: This contest is open to US residents only.

I will announce the winnerS on Tuesday 7/24/12, at noon PST!

Go forth, good luck & have a MEATY summer!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Prioritizing Grass-fed Beef

In today's Balanced Bites podcast, one of the things Michelle of Nom Nom Paleo talked about is prioritizing expenses in such a way so to have the money for quality, humanely raised food. I couldn't agree more! Since the day I started on this journey of incorporating quality nutrient-dense foods in my diet, I've grown to really value food. I would take Open Space Meats Grass Fed Beef and Brandon Natural Beef over the latest fashionable item any day! 

Just this afternoon, Lisa of Brandon Natural Beef stopped by to drop off ground beef that I ordered for the home. Talk about knowing where your food comes from - I must have squeezed out of Lisa everything there is to know about how the cattle are raised in Colorado. I already knew the bulk of the information from her husband, Bob, and why I chose to source their meat for Jerky Chews, but I was curious to know more and Lisa really did a great job of providing me with a thorough explanation. If you're in the SF Bay Area, I highly recommend signing up for a free delivery service of some of the most delicious grass-fed beef. You, too, can chat-up Lisa or Bob!

I like that ground beef is affordable and can be made into different dishes. My personal favorites are healthy burgers and lettuce-wraps with your choice of seasonal spices and sauces. Yum!