Friday, May 4, 2012

The winner for this Mother's Day Giveaway has been chosen! 
But if you are looking for some great Mother's Day gift ideas, I highly encourage you to consider BEAUTIFUL jewelry and home decor items handmade with high quality from fine porcelain (ancient clay), and of course, bags of Jerky Chews :)

MOTHER'S DAY GIVEAWAY: Win 3 bags of Jerky Chews + Handmade Ivory Shell Earrings (made by our very own jerky fan)! 

Mother's Day is just around the corner and to celebrate, I'm hosting a HUGE giveaway, which I rarely do because I've been holding off for the right occasion and the right prize!

My mom is my biggest supporter and promoter in my business. There have been times over the course of developing my business when my confidence has wavered (i.e. what the heck am I doing with my life?!) and she has always been there to remind me to follow my heart. Somehow in her busy schedule she always manages to find time to help me out. She's truly a SUPERMOM!

In honor of my mom and every other mother who deserves to be acknowledged for her AMAZINGNESS, I wanted to give ONE lucky winner tasty Jerky Chews in each flavor (2oz bags), plus ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL one of a kind Ivory Shell Earrings, handmade from English Porcelain that will make Mom feel even more special and loved.

The earrings I am splurging on for my giveaway are designed and created by Viktoriya Braginsky in her Brooklyn studio. Viktoriya is actually a loyal customer of Grassfed Jerky Chews. Being at the forefront of my business, I get the lovely opportunity to meet (via email or in person) some of my customers who on occasion share with me about their personal endeavors. Very happy that Viktoriya forwarded me the link to her Viktoriya B. Studio shop on Etsy right in time for Mother’s Day!

My loyal fans know how much I love supporting small businesses offering quality products made with the greatest integrity and careful craftsmanship, and I found Viktoriya's work to possess all that and more. Since I like to be transparent with how my product is produced, I asked Viktoriya to share a little more with us about her jewelry and home decor items made from fine porcelain.

Read the interview and then jump to the details of the giveaway!

SSF: How has your mother encouraged you on this business journey?
VB: At a young age my mom helped me form my opinion of what I consider to be beautiful, well-made ceramics.  Today, my mom is my toughest and best critique.  Our taste in ceramics is still very similar and I consider her feedback invaluable.  We live in different states so I can usually exchange my ideas with her by phone or photos but I find it very encouraging when she asks me about my progress, goals and upcoming projects.  

SSF: Why did you decide to work with porcelain?
VB: Porcelain clay is an ancient material and the process of working with it has not changed much overtime.  I find it intriguing and pure since it has been perfect without a need for alteration for thousands of years.  For me porcelain is the most beautiful ceramic because of its translucent delicate quality and unexpected strength.  It is also finicky and can be difficult to handle with but I enjoy that part of working hard to get the desired results.   

SSF: Why do you think it’s important to offer handmade items crafted from quality materials?
VB: In mass market manufacturing products usually go through a long and sometimes bureaucratic process where many compromises are made before an item comes to fruition.  This is unfortunate as so many ideas get lost along the way.  People connecting with their craft is really important, and I truly put a lot of love and effort into every piece that comes from my studio.  There is no better QC then the creator.

SSF: How big is your operation? Where do you work out of?
VB: I design and hand make every item.  Most of my designs require 3 firings, which I also do myself.  This gives me more control over the process.  Everything is made in small batches with the utmost care in my tiny but cozy studio in Brooklyn, NY

SSF: What's your favorite Jerky Chews flavor?

VB: My favorite flavor is Mild.  I’m not that big on spices but this flavor is just the right combination for me.  I love snacking on Jerky Chews when I’m in the studio.  It’s a healthy and filling option when I don’t have much time to spend.

Giveaway: 3 bags of Jerky Chews (2oz) in each flavor, and one pair of earrings! It's a great value giveaway, and all you gotta do IS tell me that Moms are awesome!

  1. Comment on this post on the Sophia’s Survival Food Facebook page! I would just encourage you to like Viktoriya B. Studio's shop on Etsy as she’ll have more awesome items in store you won’t want to miss!!

Contest ends 12:00 pm PST on Monday, May 7th (so we have enough time to nicely wrap and ship)! You have until then to leave your comment and be eligible to win!


  1. This is great, Sophia... for so many reasons! My favorite reason is who your giveaway is in honor of - your mother. In my recent bushiness start-up endeavors, my mother is the one person who's positivity and belief in me gets me through the hard times. She lives 450 miles away, but her encouragement rivals that of daily hands-on help. Fantastic giveaway. You already know how I feel about your product. :-) Keep up the great work!!

  2. Karina, thank you so much for sharing how supportive your mom is!! This giveaway is also in honor of dedicated mothers like you who dig deep to uncover the most optimal lifestyle for families to implement. Your kids will forever be grateful to you for raising them healthy and strong.:)I'm here cheering you on as well!

  3. Thank you, Sophia! NEVER underestimate the value of your work. Moms like me are so thankful or you!