Monday, November 28, 2011

Traveling Prepared

Love it when I wake up to an email from a customer sharing a little about a trip they are taking and how Grass Fed Jerky Chews would serve as a perfect snack to take on the road. Great to hear that people are preparing ahead by packing the right foods to keep them satiated.

Recently I had an awesome opportunity to travel with friends to Point Reyes National Seashore, where we hiked and set up camp for two nights. I made sure to pack enough real food to supply me with the right energy for walking about 8-10 miles a day, up/down some treacherous trails (rainy seasons make for muddy, slippery grounds). Although I stay fairly active while at home via CrossFit classes and occasional rock climbing and dancing on the weekends, hiking for several miles a day with a heavy backpack on my hips was definitely a challenge for me. My leg muscles became sore almost instantly, but once I stretched, fueled on some electrolytes from coconut water and protein from Jerky Chews, and got into the rhythm of keeping a steady pace, my attention changed focus on enjoying the beauty of nature. The calming effect of nature is sure to make you feel more at ease; magically alleviating your mind and body of any stress. We went to sleep shortly after sundown and were up at sunrise – it was amazing and I highly recommend it for anyone looking to catch up on sleep.

What I really love about nature, along with its noteworthy beauty, is the free food! Fortunately we had a friend join us who knew a thing or two about mushrooms and picked only the edible ones. Win! They were super tasty fried lightly and boiled in soup. We even foraged enough on our walk back so our family members could enjoy as well. Who needs Black Friday when you have access to free food J

Mushroom Soup with Potato and Carrots (well deserved potato)
Taking a break from work by traveling to a place where you can relax and free your mind of stress is definitely a rewarding experience. Making sure that you’re stocked up on the right foods will only make the experience that much more enjoyable.  

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Camping for Thanksgiving in Point Reyes

For the first time in years, I'll be away from the comfort of my home on Thanksgiving. This time we'll be celebrating in a tent or on foot, in the cold and wet climate of Point Reyes National Park. I’m really excited – excited to hang out in nature after so long and share with friends a new experience of hiking and camping out in the rain. I'm already thankful for being able to fit into REI’s kid-size waterproof pants (half the cost of adult pants) and that I have some really special Paleo Thanksgiving-y food and treats preparing in the oven and dehydrator (cookies) to take on tomorrow's three day adventure. Here is what I’ll be bringing...

For fat and protein:
Nom Nom Paleo’s Turkish Sliders (I add half ground organic/pastured chicken to my Marin Sun Farms ground meat mix for a more tender chew)
Hard Boiled eggs
Coconut butter      

For snack:
The World’s Best Beef Jerky (Grass Fed Jerky Chews – you probably think that’s a given, but if I actually ate them all the time there would be nothing left for you, and that’s not good)

For startch:
Sweet potatoes (they get soggy fast, so I’ll only pack a few cooked slices to eat cold)
Sliced Jicama (which will serve well as a snack, too)

For treats:
Raw Pumpkin Spice Cookies (substitute raw oat flour for sprouted almond flour - I grind already sprouted nuts in the blender. For when I don't have time to do that I purchase almond flour from Nuts Online

Lots of water (we'll heavily rely on creek water)
Coconut water (for replenishing our bodies with minerals and fluids lost during our endurance hikes) 

Wishing you an appetizing and fun Thanksgiving! I'm thankful to my customers and fans for their loyalty and tremendous support!