Thursday, August 11, 2011

Grass Fed Jerky Chews at the Ancestral Health Symposium

The reason for my attendance at the Ancestral Health Symposium is evident in this picture of Richard Nikoley tasting Grass Fed Jerky Chews. No better way to get the word out about the product I am most passionate about than through the tummies of well-acknowledged Paleo experts and hard-core enthusiasts (bloggers). As you can tell by my wide smile, I was beaming with excitement the entire weekend I was there. Just couldn’t believe how many familiar faces there were representing the Paleo community.

And there was I – a walking advertisement for Sophia’s Survival Food, Gras Fed Jerky Chews. My very craftsy mom had helped me bring to life the idea to embroider my company name on a dress. A plain t-shirt with a printed graphic doesn’t cut it for a designer like me. But I gotta say… the hours of work that she put in definitely made for one professional, attention-grabbing outfit. Robb Wolf, who is just an awesome guy overall, thought it was “cute.”

The overall positive feedback I got from people at the conference is truly overwhelming. I am grateful to those who had come up to me personally to voice their thoughts about Jerky Chews. Any feedback I get is always helpful in making a great tasting product. The general response I got from people is that they were pleased with how you can taste the actual meat flavor. Success!

What I gleaned from attending such awesome event is that regardless of how many different views were presented, we can still agree that gluten should not be messed with. Ultimately, it comes down to eliminating NADs and carefully listening to your body to figure out what works for you in maintaining good health. Self-experimentation is what will drive us to new research and new recipes for enjoying a happy and satisfying life.

Special thanks to Justine Lam and Brent Pottenger for giving my company a chance to be known in this awesome community!

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